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The ship needs a 
sea to sail
Hosting is where your website finds its home on the web so in order to market your products better, they need to have a prominent platform first and this is where Hosting Panda comes in to save the day!

Let's find your website a home

Whether you’re an amateur or a working professional, Hosting Panda has the right spot reserved for your website at just the right price:

Shared Hosting

Just what you need to get started with your blog or website.

Normally $8.99
36/mo term


Now you get to grant more control and power to your website with VPS.

Normally $8.99
36/mo term


Your all-in-one solution to make your website the most functional that it has ever been.

Normally $8.99
36/mo term

The most enriched web experience with

Centralized console

Everything you need is just within your reach right off the bat.

Lightning-fast Performance:

Your business just got the upper hand with more speed and performance

Unlimited customizability

Now you get to decide what works for you with the best themes and plugins.

most popular

Hosting that works to improve and impress.

Online Store

Explore new avenues with our exclusive hosting plans to ensure that you never miss out on anything, especially revenue with the smartest e-commerce tools within your grasp.


The most versatile and open-sourced platform gets even better with improved load times and the ability to handle an influx of data seamlessly in the background.


Here for you 24/7.

We’re always standing by to give you any help you need.
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